The EEM is one of the largest and most well-established conferences in Europe, which for the last 14 years has been bringing together international representatives from science, industry and politics from different fields to discuss a wide range of issues related to energy markets. These include not only topics concerning methodological aspects of modelling, such as mathematical formulations and solution approaches, but also those related to market design, regulatory policies, climate change as well as debates about changes in policy and challenges that the energy sector is expected to undergo in the near and long term. It provides a common platform to discuss current challenges and solutions for (European) energy markets and to present new ideas.

Therefore, a wide range of matters within and across sectors will be addressed, such as:

bullet_green   Market Integration of Renewable Energies

The increasing share of renewable energies in the European energy system is creating a multitude of new challenges. During the EEM these challenges and respective solutions will be presented and discussed, e.g. flexibility options, demand side management (DSM), uncertainty of dispatch and investments, etc.

bullet_yellow   Modelling and Simulation of Energy and Carbon Markets

The assessment of energy systems and markets requires adequate tools and models. Therefore, the EEM provides a platform to present and discuss methodological aspects, e.g. technical and economic modelling of energy markets and systems, modelling uncertainty, economic analysis of energy prices, portfolio management, etc.

bullet_red   Infrastructure Development and Management

Integrating the European Energy Markets as well as the expansion of renewable energies requires infrastructure development and management. This comprises topics such as grid expansion, ancillary services, congestion management, trading imbalances, etc.

bullet_green   Energy Systems and Market Design

A chief objective of the European Commission is to significantly decrease carbon emissions by 2050. To achieve this target, considerable changes to policy measures in different sectors are needed. Therefore, topics such as capacity markets, market integration of renewable energies, ancillary markets, etc. are to be addressed.

bullet_yellow   Analysis of Natural Gas, Coal and Oil Markets

Conventional fuels are of crucial importance for the energy supply in Europe. Within this session, topics addressing challenges and developments in these markets will be discussed, e.g. low fuel prices, the European Energy Union, regulatory aspects, liberalization and regulation of the European gas market, etc.

bullet_blue   Aspects of Electricity Market Operation

The growing share of renewable energies also leads to a great number of challenges related to operating the electricity market and system. In this session, these challenges as well as possible solutions will be discussed, e.g. local balancing areas and markets, trading imbalances, smart grids, power quality, etc.