Technical Tours

bullet_green   Technical Tour 1: Power plant Lippendorf & open-cast mine Vereinigtes Schleenhain

The lignite-fuelled power plant Lippendorf is part of a network of energy producers located in the Central German lignite district. The power plant has been modernized and it provides heating for about 60% of households in the city of Leipzig. The open-cast mine Vereinigtes Schleenhain uses a 34 km long conveyer belt system for supplying lignite to the power plant. Up to 11 million tons of raw lignite from four coal beds are annually extracted from the mine while enforcing strong environmental management practices, particularly with regard to water resources. Lippendorf/Schleenhain offers a worthwhile experience – a real must-see!

Date: Wednesday, 7 June 2017, 12.15 h – ca. 19.30 h (incl. transfer)
Schedule: 11.15 h
lunch only for TT1-participants at HSZ/304/Z12.15 h
TT1-participants meet in front of the Hörsaalzentrum (Auditorium Centre), TU Dresden. We walk together to the EEM-bus-stop “Mommsenstrasse”12.30 h
Departure at Mommsenstrasse; Bus transfer to Lippendorf

14.00 h – 16.00 h
Exclusive tour of power plant Lippendorf

ca. 15.45
short break: drinks and a small snack are served

16.00 h – 18.00 h
Exclusive tour of open-cast mine Vereinigtes Schleenhain with off-road
Please wear solid shoes!

18.00 h
Bus transfer back to Dresden,
arrival at Central Station Dresden (Hauptbahnhof) scheduled for 19.30 h

Costs: Early bird 45 €/Person; Regular 60 €/Person
Number of participants: max. 40 Persons; a waiting list may be offered











bullet_yellow   Technical Tour 2: Innovative heat plant Reick

The heat plant Reick combines both fossil and renewable power generation with storage of heat and electricity generation for the power grid at one site. At Reick, a commercial battery storage system is being tested as a primary control system for the public grid. This innovative model is to serve as the basis for the development of practice-oriented battery storage systems. The concept including the decentralised battery storage system presents an innovative model for providing the flexiblity needed to facilitate the energy transition.
We are looking forward to your application for this interesting tour!

Date: Thursday, 8 June 2017, 14.15 – ca. 17.00 (incl. transfer)

TT2-participants meet in front of the Auditorium Center (Hörsaalzentrum)
We walk together to the EEM-bus-stop “Mommsenstrasse”

Departure from “Mommsenstrasse”; bus transfer

15.00 –16.00
Exclusive tour of heat plant Reick

bus transfer back to Central Station (Hauptbahnhof) Dresden,
arrival at Central Station scheduled for 16.45 – 17.00

Costs: 10€/person
Number of participants: max. 40 Persons; a waiting list may be offered