ITEM-Game competition


Date: TBA

The investment decisions in power generation technologies, the trading of electricity in organized markets and the price and volume risk management are critical aspects in liberalized electricity markets, namely for power generation companies.

The ITEM-Game Special Session will join players from all over the world and will give them the opportunity to understand the main features of liberalized electricity markets and the challenges faced by market agents in their long-term investment decisions and in their short-term trading strategies.

Participants will apply the investment and trading concepts in a hands-on approach using the ITEM-Game (, an interactive simulation platform where each team (group of 2-3 participants) represents a profit maximizing power company that undertakes investments in power generation units (nuclear, coal, CCGT, hydro, wind, solar) and the trades its generation in a competitive power pool.

The session is organized as follows:

•   Main concepts of investment in power generation and trading in organized electricity markets

•   Team building and setting up the ITEM-Game (one laptop for each team is required)

•   ITEM-Game competition with 10 interactive rounds of investment and trading

•   Discussion of the ITEM-Game results and analysis of the winning strategies


The participation in the ITEM-Game is free on the condition that the attendees are registered in EEM 2017. The number of participants is limited to 20. To register send an email to: with the Subject: “ITEM Game Special Session”, including your name, institution and your email address.